TI-BAS successfully delivers the TIA-A3 Forecasting & stock control system for wholesale and retail companies throughout Europe.
TIA-A3 user experiences:
The monthly and weekly purchase planning effort for our thousands of sku's went down from days to hours.
The automatic best-fit selection of forecast algorithm, made it possible for our planners to focus on their main task, which is taking decisions on the exceptions.
The dynamically calculated safety stock helped us to increase service levels and at the same time lower overall stock.
Our guarantee
TI-BAS does not just deliver demand planning software. We deliver results. Working with our unique implementation approach, we ensure return of investment in a few months.
Demand forecast & Stock control
TIA-A3 is an out of the box, easy to use web based solution and is suited for both Wholesale and Retail companies who want to be sure to have the right products on the right place on the right time. TIA-A3 not only improves the forecast accuracy, it also brings structure to the planning process and makes it much faster.
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Leading standard software solution for integrated Demand forecasting and Stock planning.